Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wanna be a better ballplayer?

This blog serves many purposes, among them a place for young baseball players in the Province to go to learn about the different options they have.    On that note, I was recently contacted by the creator of a blog that is geared specifically for ball players wanting to learn about the next level.  That blog is a great resource for players wanting to know about the college recruitment process and has some excellent tips on what scouts look for.  The majority of the content is interviews with big league players and top college coaches. There is a lot of info that will help aspiring ballplayers get better. The college coaches talk about what they look for when scouting HS players and other things they can do to stand out.   There is also a  "Recruiting Corner" section for high school players to learn more about the college baseball recruiting process.  Whether you are a coach, a parent, or a player, I strongly encourage you to head over and check it out and help your player/son/self get any advantage he can to make it to the next level.

Albertans at Mizuno Junior Elite Baseball Camp

Several young Albertans are among the 60 players attending the 2011 Mizuno Camp which is running from Wednesday  September 7th to Saturday the 10th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

The following players from our Province are currently at this camp:

  • Third Basemen Nolan Bumstead from Calgary
  • Pitchers Ryan Anderson and Markus Blair from St. Albert
  • Pitcher Mac Guckert from Red Deer
  • Pitcher CJ Lewington from Strathmore
  • Pitcher Cole Schneider from Fort Saksatchewan
  • Outfielder Carson Wlad from Calgary

This is a great opportunity for these 15 and 16 year olds, as not only will they be participating in workout