Monday, January 23, 2012

Revolutionary Approach to Pitching Velocity

Every once in a while I post something that will help young players in our Province (or elsewhere really... but I don't know that anybody else is reading this!) improve their game.  I've previously posted information on the "WANNA BE A BETTER BALLPLAYER" site which is a great resource for high schoolers wanting to learn more about the college recruiting process and what scouts look for.  I have also recently added a page of resources to help improve your game.  I'm hoping that as more local ballplayers take advantage of these resources, we will see more Albertans drafted in future years, and go on to have successful MLB careers.
Today I am going to discuss a product which was shared with me by a fellow member of the Baseball Blogger's Alliance who endorses this and I fully trust.  Before getting into details, and my "sales pitch", let me assure you that you can try it risk free for 60 days AND if it doesn't add 5-10 MPH to your fastball after going through the 16 week program you can get all your money back.   Purchasing this will usually cost you $480, but through my connection with the creator if you purchase it using this link, for a limited time you only have to pay $97.   That's right - for about the same cost of taking a girl out to a nice dinner, and with a much better guarantee of getting the desired results you can learn how to throw harder, dominate hitters and get noticed by scouts.