Instructional Resources

Below are several resources to help get the most out of your game.  Great for baseball coaches, parents and players.  Many offer FREE tips and other resources, so feel free to check them out.

Improve Bat Speed, Power and Accuracy

Super 8 Hitting System

Be a better hitter, and take all the frustration, difficulty, and headache out of your practice time with this explosive informative 'Hitting Tips' package!

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Instantly Start Hitting Line Drives 
10 Step Hitting System - Develop complete hitters in 10 easy steps, Guaranteed!
Created by this former 1st team All-American and Gold Glove winner, he is so confident of the success that he's already shared with over 800 baseball coaches, that this packages comes with a 200% Money-Back Guarantee.
This package includes a module on hitting fundamentals, one on baseball strength and one on mental toughness - each a $100 value on its own.
Additionally, you get the following bonus items:
- Hitting Edge Chart System
- Sneaky Pitching Tendencies - learn opponent's tendencies and give your team an edge
- Albert Pujols hitting video breakdown
- Josh Hamilton hitting video breakdown
- Matt Wieters hitting video breakdown
- Audio commentaries on the 3 modules
The total value of this package is $556.  Go to the site through this link, and for a limited time you can buy the whole package including all the bonuses for only $27.

Home Run power in 29 Days
Increase bat speed & Hitting Power

Techniques for increasing bat speed to add at least 40 and possibly over 100 feet of hitting distance.  Within 6 weeks and possibly as soon as 3 weeks just working 3 days a week.  Click here to get this program plus 2 free bonuses for only $27 and a full money back guarantee.

Add 5 to 10 MPH to your fastball
3X Pitching
A must for any high school aged pitcher who wants to take his game to the next level.  In just 16 weeks you can add up to 10 MPH to your fastball by following this program.  Learn how to generate more torque, add more power and improve accuracy.  The added velocity will help you get noticed by scouts.
Only $97 and full money back guarantee.

How to get recruited
 Athletic Recruiting & Scholarship Secrets

A Super Simple Athletic Recruiting & Scholarship System That Can Help You Get The Attention Of College Coaches & Finally Get Recruiting Attention You Deserve!

Click on this link to get a FREE  report on the  "Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships"

Hit Harder / Throw Faster
Core Power
Throw harder and hit with more Power after just 3 workouts!
Do this right ON THE FIELD using bats, balls and bands!
This program will help you:
-Improve core strength
-Increase Velocity
-Create TONS of POWER
-Hit Harder and Farther
-Throw Faster
-Improve Bat Speed

  Baseball Mental Game
 Use a program that Pro and College guys use to dramatically improve your
- Ability to be in the moment
- Your focus
- Your ability to get into "the zone"
- Your confidence
- Your ability to change your mindset on cue
- Your competitiveness
- Your ability to visualize
- Your overall mental toughness

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How to be a Peak Performer
Renegade Mindset Techniques for Baseball
How to Master the Mental Game and be a Peak Performer
This program will teach you:
- A 3 minute pre-game technique that guarantees your success on the diamond
-How to improve any specific area of your game... in 45 seconds
-Why most players NEVER reach their true potential! (hard work has nothing to do with this!)
-Why practice does NOT make perfect.....and MUCH MORE
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